Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the rosebuds @ santa fe brewing company

Other Lives: I could have listened to these guys play all night. It was obvious the crowd (all thirty people or whatever), most of whom obviously had never even heard of these guys, were duly impressed.

As I Lay My Head Down
Dark Horse
For 12
Tamer Animals
Dust Bowl III
Old Statues

The Rosebuds: Before the show started, there were a pair of setlists just sitting on a table. No one was around and nobody seemed to care, so I took one. It ruined the surprise factor, but so what? Badass.

Go Ahead
Limitless Arms
Second Bird of Paradise
Cemetery Lawn
Leaves Do Fall
Come Visit Me
Waiting for You
Life Like
Cover Ears
Nice Fox

Overall, absolutely amazing. During "Nice Fox," the band actually exited the stage and came down into the (again, very small) audience and proceeded to coach us through an acoustic sing-along. It was the most intimate moment I have ever had at a show. There were so few of us and we were all just standing right next to the band and singing with them and having a great time. It was ... really something special.

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